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What is Christian Science?

        Find out about the pastor --the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the

        Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in  Christian Science church services.

        Visit a Mother Church church service online.

        Visit my branch church services and testimony meetings online.

Who is Mary Baker Eddy?

What is the Christian Science Monitor? Is it a religious newspaper?

Christian Science in correctional facilities

Articles I've written for Christian Science Publications:

The Christian Science Journal  Feb. 2013 Volume 131 Issue 02

Poem "Monday of Magnitude"

Christian Science Sentinel 2007 October Volume 109 Issue 43

Testimony “Prayer Completely Heals Injury”


Christian Science Sentinel 2016 May Volume 118 Issue 20

Testimony “Eating Disorder Overcome”


Christian Science Sentinel 2017 February Volume 119 Issue 06

Article “Dissolving The Self Trifecta With Love”


The Christian Science Journal  2016 April Volume 134 Issue 04 

Article “What Is Rules Out ‘What If?’


The Christian Science Journal 2017 January Volume 135 Issue 01

Article “No ‘Subconcious’ Mind To Sabotage Us’


The Christian Science Journal 2016 November Volume 134 Issue 11

 Article “Our Salvation Is In Love'

Plus many Daily Lifts (daily podcasts). Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google.


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